Why do i get spam emails from dating sites

22-Oct-2015 04:57

I have tried to change password, gone thru account recovery process, ran the software suggested, with no success.

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SPAM is a form of unwanted advertising that people receive through their email.Another way that you will get spam is from visiting different sites.Spam artists will tag highly frequented sites and use an email extraction program to steal your address.They then sell that address and you are burdened with spam.How Do I Get Rid Of SPAM In My Mail Box There are a few ways to get rid of spam. These filters will block any anonymous emails or emails containing certain phrases.Unsolicited email is as annoying as telemarketers that call during dinner time. There are a few common ways that your email is extracted and put on these lists.

To begin, anytime you sign up for a newsletter or purchase something on the internet you are at risk.

Companies that do not specifically spell out that they will not sell your information – will.

When your email address is sold you become a target for spam.

These filters, depending on type used, can also block all email that does not come from a specific address.

You will need to enter all your acceptable recipient addresses into the filter, after that anything coming from a different address will be blocked.

Another way is to unsubscribe from any newsletters or websites that do not guarantee protection of your identity.