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25-Oct-2015 16:33

Born the elder of two sisters in Melbourne on May 11, 1983, Holly, who also has a half sister, Olympia, was just four when her parents English mum Rachel and Serb-Croat dad Ryko, both former models called it quits.The couple remained the "best of friends", however, and Holly, who described the situation as "like something off a TV show", says: "Everyone just gets on like one big extended happy family." She was not yet in her teens when she decided to follow in her parents' modelling footsteps, but after three successful years in the industry, chose to move on.

Her big TV break came when actor-turned-manager Scott Michaelson rang the 15-year-old about auditioning for after spotting her in a magazine.Holly said at the time she was "happy being normal", and didn't want to earn a diva reputation."I don't want everyone to leave a store I'm in or have my own changing room," she says."I don't understand demanding white lilies for a room you're in for an hour to do . Get in, do your thing, and go home." No sooner had she been hailed as the next big thing, however, when her much-wanted pop career faltered.Three months later, she says, "All of a sudden I was in a show that I'd watched religiously since I was a little girl." With no acting experience, stepping into the role of Felicity Scully was "quite scary" but Holly was up for the challenge."I guess the fact that my mum and dad have always treated me like I'm 35 came into play," she says.

"It didn't take me long to say to myself, 'Yes, I can do it'." After achieving fame in the soap Holly soon had her eyes set on a new goal.

"Acting was something I've always been interested in, but it was not something I had pursued," she admits.

In fact, what she truly longed for was a pop career.

"As bad as that may sound, it was always my dream." In 2002, Holly moved to London and made her mark with a controversial music video, in which she appeared to be completely nude. If it ruffles a few feathers, I am doing something right," says Holly.

And her instincts were spot on the single debuted at number one in Britain.

She's earned a sex symbol label "It's very flattering but makes me laugh," says the star while letting it be known that fame hasn't gone to her head.