Updating xml column sql server

20-Oct-2015 06:02

They are used by data-centric applications, except when the database also supports native XML storage.(The difference between XML-enabled and native storage is that XML- enabled storage uses schema-specific structures that must be mapped to the XML document at design time.

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For more information, see the overview in XML Database Products: Native XML Databases.) Developer: Microsoft URL: Commercial Database type: Relational Entry last updated: December, 2008 Access 2007 can import data from an XML document and export data to an XML document through its External Data tab.Copyright 2000-2010 by Ronald Bourret This list has not been updated since roughly 2010.As a result, information may be out of date and products may no longer be available.If you are interested in a product whose link does not work, search for it on the Web, as product pages frequently change and products/companies are frequently sold.XML-enabled databases contain extensions for transferring data between XML documents and their own data structures.It appears that a table-based mapping is used to map between the XML schema and the database schema, and that element type names must match table and column names.

(Attributes are ignored.) The document can apparently contain data from multiple tables, but it appears that this must all be at the same level, rather than deeply nested.

The ability to import and export XML data is also available in Visual Basic, with the Import XML and Export XML functions.

When importing data, you can choose to import only the structure or both the structure and data of an XML document.

You can also create a table based on an XML Schema.

When exporting data, you can choose to export only the structure or both the structure and data of a table.

Database structure is exported as an XML Schema, which can be embedded in the XML document or in a separate document.