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09-Nov-2015 11:42

8th June 2013Looking after hubby who has his leg in plaster is taking up all my time at present.Hopefully they will remove the plaster tomorrow and start him on physio.

Bunnies are loving all the fresh greenery, especially the dandelions, yum.Just finishing off three assessments due on Tuesday and Wednesday and feeling confident of finishing in time.Thats what happens when you try to cram a 12 month course into 6 months. The bunnies are really loving the fine sunny cooler weather out in the pens (we have a large double and two singles) Smoky has now recovered from his injuries and his ears have now been cleared of wax so he is feeling much better now.11th June 2013Check out the stuff I want to go by chasing this link.My brother would have been 63 years old today if he was still living.4th April 2014Landmark day today with our eldest granddaughter reaching her first decade. 6th March 201414th January 2014The new year is now here and it brings new beginnings for The Rabbit Patch. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and that you haven't made any resolutions that you can't keep.

On the rabbit side of things, the old database of rabbit breeders around Australia has now been closed off and am now working on the new one. I hope that everyone is looking after their little furry mates with all this crazy hot weather we are having at present.

I have made a couple, and I will keep you posted on how I go with them.5th August 2013There are two rabbits that need to be re-homed. These rabbits are free to a good home.4th August 2013My gosh, where has the time gone.

I have been so busy with TAFE and bunnies and time has just disappeared.

15th May 2013The date for Calici Virus release in Sydney’s Northern Region will be 26th March 2013.

The areas it takes in include all areas bordering the areas of Upper Hawkesbury, Camden, Hills District and as far west as Parramatta.

If you live in any of these areas please be aware of this very real threat to your bunnies and have them vaccinated well before the release 40' C+ days are gone for the year.