Updating ps3 firmware

22-Nov-2015 14:57

The "Other OS" feature is disabled by firmware version 3.21 but still runs on older consoles that have firmware 3.15 or lower.

Since 2000, Sony has used the fact that the Play Station 2 can run Linux in its marketing.Sorry for the long delay in updating this site as I had a personal problem to take care of.So bare with me as I try to bring this site upto date with the latest news from the homebrew community .Other OS was a feature available in early versions of the Play Station 3 video game console that allowed other operating systems, such as Linux or Free BSD, to be installed on the system.This feature was made unavailable in newer models and removed from the oldest ones through a firmware update by Sony.They promoted the release of the PS2 Linux Kit, which included a Linux-based operating system, a USB keyboard and mouse, a VGA adapter, a Play Station 2 Ethernet network adapter, and a 40 GB hard disk drive (HDD).

The Play Station 3 does not have Linux pre-installed.

However, Sony included an option in the XMB menu soon after the Play Station 3 launched that allowed booting into Linux from the hard drive or from a Live CD that the distributor's kernel would boot.

Well it seem the Play Station Homebrew community has a bright 2016 year ahead Thanks to a few Play Station Dev’s that have been working on the Play Station 4 gaming system to unlock/Jail Break for it’s full potential , giving owners of PS4 system able to run homebrews applications and game and/or CFW (Custom Firmware) develops by the Play Station Dev’s community.

So stay tuned to the latest Play Station 4 Homebrews news .

This site is currently being work on and setup , I’ll do my best to update this site with the latest information regarding the Play Station 4 System as it becomes available and time permit .

Old PSP Homebrews , Custom Firmware as well emulators will be restore little by little as times goes by .