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06-Nov-2015 20:17

You can submit jobs from within 3ds Max after installing the integrated Submit Max To Deadline (SMTD) script, or you can submit them from the Monitor.

The instructions for installing the integrated submitter for RPManager can also be found further down the page.RPM Pass Dependencies - Global Setup This option is ONLY available when submitting jobs from RPManager.If enabled, all passes that are submitted will be dependent on the passes selected in this rollout. See the Scheduling section of the Export Renderer-Specific Advanced Settings If this option is enabled for a specific renderer, you will be able to modify a variety of settings for that renderer after submission from the Monitor.To modify these settings from the Monitor, right-click on the job and select Modify Properties, then select the 3dsmax tab.Submission Timeouts The MAXScript Job Template file is located in the Repository under \submission\3dsmax\Main\MAXScript Job When the button is pressed, a copy of the template file with a name pattern “MAXScript Job_The Scene Name_XXXX.ms” will be created in the \3dsmax#\scripts\Submit Max To Deadline folder where XXXX is a random ID and 3dsmax# is the name of the 3ds Max root folder. You can add the code to be executed in the marked area and save to disk.

The file name of the new template will be set as the current MAXScript Job file automatically.

If a file name is already selected in the UI, you will be prompted about replacing it first.

To submit from within 3ds Max, select the Deadline menu item that you created during the integrated submission script setup.

If you are submitting from RPManager, just select the Network tab in RPManager after setting up the integrated submitter.

Job Dependencies When the checkbox is checked and one or more jobs have been selected from the multi-list box, the job will be set to Pending state and will start rendering when all jobs it depends on have finished rendering.

Use the Get Jobs List button to populate the Job List and the Filter options with job data from the Repository.