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18-Oct-2015 13:09

Remains of the first victims were described as 'unrecognisable' as they were taken to Cairo to start the long and painful process of identifying the bodies An Egyptian forensics official said 23 bags of body partshad been collected, the largest no bigger than the palm of ahand.Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official saidtheir size pointed to an explosion, although no trace ofexplosives had been detected.'All we know is it disappeared suddenly without making adistress call,' one of them said, adding that only by analysingthe black boxes or a large amount of debris could authoritiesbegin to form a clearer picture.

There are too few messages to fit a typical fire, whichwould normally trigger a cascade of error reports as multiplesystems failed, he said, and too many of them to tie in neatlywith a single significant explosion.Pictured: Faycal Bettiche (left) and his wife Nouha were taking their young children on holiday when travelling on the doomed flight.Right, air stewardess Samar Ezz Eldin who also lost her life in the disaster Family man: British geologist Richard Osman was among the 66 victims on board the jet.His brother has described his 'delirious happiness' after the birth of his second daughter just three weeks ago.Sources within the Egyptian investigationcommittee said late on Tuesday that the plane did not make contact with Egyptian air traffic control, but Egyptian air trafficcontrollers were able to see it on radar on a border areabetween Egyptian and Greek airspace known as KUMBI, 260 nauticalmiles from Cairo.Al-Ahram published a scan of the technical log on itswebsite.

The paper said Egypt Air flight 804 transmitted 11'electronic messages' starting at 2109 GMT on May 18, about 31/2 hours before disappearing from radar screens with 66passengers and crew on board.

The first two messages indicated the engines werefunctional.

The third message came at 0026 GMT on May 19 andshowed a rise in the temperature of the co-pilot's window.

Theplane kept transmitting messages for the next three minutesbefore vanishing, Al-Ahram said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the head of Egypt's forensics authoritydismissed as premature a suggestion that the small size of thebody parts retrieved since the Airbus 320 jet crashedindicated there had been an explosion on board.

Relatives of the Christian victims of Egypt Air flight MS804 weep during an absentee funeral mass at the main Cathedral in Cairo on Sunday.