Speed dating in fort collins colorado

07-Nov-2015 07:21

Secret talent: I throw really great themed birthday parties.

Jones, 38 (top left) Director of marketing, Forest City Stapleton, Inc. Ti Vo embarrassment: I’m unapologetic about my Ti Vo. Biggest accomplishment: Starting Alchemy on a shoestring with Sally. Emily Schromm, 24 (bottom right) Owner/founder, Unleashed Fitness; Cross Fit coach, Cross Fit Park Hill Rainy-day activity: Running. You’d never guess: I’m obsessed with Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and John Coltrane. What I look for in a significant other: I’m a personality girl. Guilty pleasure: Cold Stone Creamery’s banana caramel crunch with extra almonds. Great night out: Having someone cook me dinner and take me to see one of my favorite bands. What I look for in a significant other: A witty personality, honesty, and a sexy smile. Guilty pleasure: Anything and everything that is salted caramel. Biggest accomplishment: My time spent in the classroom as a teacher, the day-to-day accomplishments with students. Secret talent: Knitting scarves—although they never get very big, out of impatience. I can’t live without: Bacon, a barbell, and my Steve Madden motorcycle boots. Part of my charm: I mix up common quotes and phrases all the time, like “pulling the cat out of the hat” and “letting the rabbit out of the bag.” Childhood crush: Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block fame. My hero(es): Empowering women such as Jill Scott, Oprah Winfrey, and Condoleezza Rice. Well after I graduated college, I still held the record for the 100-meter dash at my junior high school in Fort Collins. I can’t live without: Pizzeria Locale pizza and Champagne. Rainy-day activity: Cleaning and hanging with my dog. I can’t live without: The mountains, my dog, dark chocolate, and purpose. I’m a sucker for: Someone who can kick a soccer ball. Great night out: A concert at Red Rocks or at a park. When I’m not working, I am: Cooking, cycling, climbing, hiking, or listening to music. On the bucket list: I really want to be on Wheel of Fortune. Dating deal-breaker: Selfishness and not opening the door for me. You’d never guess: I was on Dave Sevick, 53 (bottom left) Director of marketing and communications, Tennyson Center for Children If I could have a superpower: I’d see into the future. What I’m reading: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. Find me here on a Saturday night: In the summer, I’m camping in the mountains. Dating deal-breaker: Someone who doesn’t ask questions or texts while on a date. Childhood crush: Danielle Fishel [Topanga on If I had one wish: I would wish every kid growing up in Denver could have the opportunity to experience the outdoors in the way I have been lucky enough to. I love a man with the confidence to just shave his hair off. You’d never guess: I throw a better spiral than Peyton Manning any day. If I could have a superpower: I’d touch my nose and make things appear and disappear, like in Yoni Geffen, 27 (top right) Student support specialist, Denver School of Science and Technology: Green Valley Ranch High School; co-founder, First Ascenders Guilty pleasure: Good Times drive-thru for a milkshake after a soccer game. What I look for in a significant other: Someone intelligent, active, good at communicating, and thoughtful. i Pod embarrassment: Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass.” Biggest fear: Not becoming a father.

Find me here on a Saturday night: Breckenridge, waiting for the snow. Guilty pleasure: Really long bubble baths while watching shows on Hulu. Favorite movie: Any sports movie based on a true story. On the bucket list: Riding in a fighter jet and taking a trip with my dad to a Duke-North Carolina basketball game.

If I could have a superpower: I’d be able to transport myself and others to any location instantly.

What I look for in a significant other: A thoughtful and humorous gentleman who is tenaciously successful. Guilty pleasures: Politics, college football, and vodka martinis. What I look for in a significant other: A guy who makes me laugh, wows me, and makes me antsy until I can see him again. Seuss Michele Goodman, 49 (top left) Executive director, Insight Oncology, Inc. Biggest accomplishment: Finding a really good balance between work, play, and family. What I look for in a significant other: Energy that equals mine, intelligence, and compassion. Once-in-a-lifetime moment: I just ran my first marathon. Rainy-day activity: Reading or cleaning out my closet for Goodwill. If i could have a superpower: I’d read animals’ minds. Great night out: Dinner with friends at an amazing ethnic restaurant (Ethiopian, sushi, or Indian), drinks at a local, hole-in-the-wall bar, then a game of Bananagrams.

If I had one wish: Knowing that I’d be able to care for my parents, that they’d be OK as they grow older. Great night out: Good friends, dinner at Carmine’s on Penn, and home before midnight. On the bucket list: Living on a tropical island where I can walk out my door 100 yards and sit on the beach and swim in the ocean. Biggest accomplishment: Completing my fifth studio album. I want someone funny and interesting, enough to where I can’t figure them out on the first date. Guilty pleasure: All types of bread, especially Irish soda bread. What I look for in a significant other: An independent woman who is intelligent, has a good sense of humor, can appreciate my sarcasm, and who I can have a conversation with. Dream vacation: Somewhere that has a lot of history, where I could see the sights and learn a lot. If I had one wish: To see all of my good friends and family succeed.

Matthew Moon, 40 (top right) Singer-songwriter I can’t live without: My Australian labradoodle, Charlie. What I look for in a significant other: Somebody caring, thoughtful, and nurturing. When I’m not working, I am: Doing something outside, like hiking or skiing. Dream vacation: With my girl traveling through Austria to Vienna and Salzburg. What I look for in a significant other: Connection, chemistry, and a good sense of humor. Dream vacation: A two-month motorcycle road trip of the West Coast. Steward Ceus, 25 (bottom left) Goalkeeper, Colorado Rapids Celebrity crush: Alicia Keys. Ti Vo embarrassment: Jason Strauss, 37 (top left) Executive producer, Colorado International Wine Expo; owner, Strauss Productions Great night out: Dinner at Wazee Supper Club followed by a Nuggets game and dancing.

Sally Walker (left), 33, & Bre Ortola, 26 (bottom right) Co-owners, Alchemy Mineral Blends Sally I can’t live without: GPS on my phone. Great night out: Lots of tequila and lots of dancing. I’m a sucker for: A girl with really good style, top to bottom. You’d never guess: I grew up working at our family-owned salvage yard dismantling old trucks.