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Meanwhile, Shannon’s hoarder habits clash with Gene’s merchandise in a battle over turf at the Simmons' mansion.So, Shannon seeks the help of a professional, designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, only to be told she must purge her prized possessions or lose yet another room to KISS paraphernalia.

Landing a gig to sing the Canadian national anthem at a Vancouver football game is an honour for Sophie Tweed-Simmons, but when press coverage and online chatter converge with rumours of nepotism, a frustrated Sophie lashes out with a newsworthy slight of her rock star father.When Sophie is replaced by a stick-thin model on a charity event poster, she tries not to feel hurt - but Rachel is incensed by the insult.Over lunch, the girls joke about how little they'd have to eat in a day to become Size 2s - something that would never happen, as they're happy with their curves.Sophie posts a joke photo of her new Size 2 'diet' online before heading for Nashville, where she is performing in concert with The Tenors.But in her absence, rumours start to spread on social media, and Sophie returns to find the issue has taken on a life of its own.Shannon has lived in Gene’s rock star shadow for 30 years but her efforts to console Sophie are derailed by her hunt to remember a mysterious anniversary that Gene has clearly remembered and plans to mark the occasion with something spectacular.

When Shannon’s long-time friend Reuben show them a canine Gene lookalike at a local dog shelter, Shannon and Sophie agree to hold a dog adoption fair at Shannon’s house.

Gene’s against the idea, knowing Shannon’s habit of adopting every dog she meets. But Gene may be the one to fall for Pooch #7 when Shannon arranges for his doggie doppelganger to show up in unexpected places around the house.

As public scrutiny grows more intense, Sophie turns to Shannon for advice on living in the glare of the media spotlight.

Shannon's words of wisdom give Sophie an inspired idea for how to wrest control of her image back.

When Sophie comes home to find a “for sale” sign on her lawn she knows it’s buy or move-back home.

But, despite the appropriate attire and a positive attitude, the banks aren’t biting.