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Quality Brands Now Foods, Optimum Nutrition, Life Extension, Nature’s Ways, Doctor’s Best, Dr Ohira’s, Nordic Naturals, Solgar, Muscletech and more!CHÂTEAUGUAY – Residents in the south shore community of Châteauguay were in shock Tuesday after learning that Karla Homolka has reportedly been living in their midst for at least two years.“I was shocked,” Ketly Fagan told Global News.“I mean this is somebody that I’ve spoken to at the school and was very nice. It doesn’t seem like it could be the same person but it is.” Homolka, one of the most notorious killers in Canadian history, served a twelve-year manslaughter sentence in prison for the 1990s sex slayings of two Ontario schoolgirls, Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.Global News spoke to many parents of children who attend the same school as Homolka’s children and they are simply outraged that they were kept in the dark.“I’m very disappointed with New Frontiers (school board). It should have been divulged to all the parents,” said Maria Faria.WATCH BELOW: A Centennial Park School parent speaks out about finding Homolka One mother, who walked into the Châteauguay police station Tuesday morning said an officer confirmed that Homolka does in fact live in the area and that her children attend Centennial Park School.READ MORE: Convicted criminals change names to cover up past Students from Centennial Park School were sent home with a letter Tuesday that neither confirmed or denied the news but reminded parents of the security in place at the school.

The full statement from Centennial Park School appears below: One parent confirmed that she sees Homolka, who now goes by the name of Leanne Bordelais, every day dropping off and picking up her children at school.

Another mother was visibly upset and said her children are friends with Homolka’s children.

WATCH: Convicted serial killer Karla Homolka reportedly has two children that attend a local Châteauguay public school.

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