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She can also drink from a straw and a proper cup now, using only one hand.

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Signs that could suggest your toddler has a developmental problem include preferring to be in her own world rather than interacting with others, not being able to run smoothly or safely climb stairs or onto low furniture, persistently drooling or speaking unclearly, always having extreme difficulty in being separated from her parents, not responding to her own name, not being able to interpret non-verbal communication such as facial expressions or gestures, not maintaining or making eye contact, or being overly sensitive to sensory stimulation such disliking to be touched.How they grow As a result of her new body shape, your toddler's blood pressure increases, her immune system matures and her brain develops to 80-90% of its adult size and plenty of sleep is crucial for building new neurons and cells as sleep enables processes such as proper blood flow throughout the body, the release of hormones and tissue growth and repair.Her breathing will be more regularly paced, both when she is awake and when she is sleeping.Body temperature changes depending on the activity she is engaged in, as well as her emotional state and environment.Front Office Suite facilitates patient registration, appointment scheduling, consultation and biometric identification.The system allows patients to request appointments with physicians and captures relevant demographic data.

It helps staff in issuing patient ID cards and generates a unique patient medical record number for easy identification.

Development Your toddler's mental capacity is becoming more sophisticated as she begins to formulate thoughts and impressions through various experiences and situations.

Physical and motor skills At this age your toddler may know how to walk on her tiptoes, will continue trying to jump at a low height (such as from a small step onto the ground) and throw a ball underhand, and outdoor play is vital for building on these skills.

A typical toddler will also enjoy hiding in areas and small spaces that she fits into such as boxes.

A day that is made up of quiet play, outdoor play, creative play and active play is very suitable for a toddler of this age, in honing all the skills she needs to master by the time she turns three.

Eating You may have noticed how involving your child at mealtimes has sped up her development as she has a better idea of how to behave like a grown up in that type of setting, expanding on her social skills, motor skills with using utensils and etiquette with table manners.