Safari park karachi dating

21-Oct-2015 20:07

Port grand is simply a perfect place for you to hang out with your date.

Enjoy some ice cream or any other pocket friendly desert of your choice.I wonder if that place still known as Devil’s point, I always heard that it was the most favorite spot for dating couples.It is located in DHA phase 8 near Country Golf Club.No one is sure why Devil’s Point becomes the hot spot for dating, but it is one famous place for sure may be because of the beautiful view, peaceful water, calm and quiet and on top of all; it’s very secure for dates.If you want to spend some quality time and of course some money on a luxurious date, cruise ride is the answer for you.Watching the sunset together and cherishing some beautiful memories you can do it all while enjoying the cruise ride.

Many places in Karachi are offering cruise ride such as Carlton Hotel, Savors, Marina Club and many more.

It can be a relaxing experience for both of you as you can enjoy the view as well as the quality time you are spending with your love one.

If you still haven’t thought of a place and if you are thinking about the places like Hill Park, Sea view or Mazar e Quaid then you should definitely get a life!

Living in a country where you are judged too quickly is enough to get embarrassed.

There are so many places where you may find couples sitting on the grass behind a tree looking for some quality time with their may be soon to be life partner.

But here we are guiding you about the best places in town where you can actually have fun; just spare some money to enjoy to the fullest with your special someone.