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Tyler (Ross Thomas, left) prepares to dance with Nora (Christina Murphy, right) in the comic spoof “Dance Flick.” Photo Credit: Glen Wilson. All Rights Reserved.(Left to right) Rivals on the dance floor include Thomas (Damon Wayans, Jr.) and Megan (Shoshana Bush) and Nora (Christina Murphy) and Tyler (Ross Thomas) in the comic spoof ' Dance Flick.' Photo Credit: Glen Wilson.

In 2012, Ross was selected amongst fierce competition to host the Cadillac ATS vs.The World campaign, one of the largest productions in the history of General Motors. The World was created to break the mold of automotive advertising to connect with a new generation of customers.Set in four countries around the world, the campaign consists of spectacular demonstrations of the nimble, quick and fun driving dynamics of the Cadillac ATS.In addition to the commercials, Ross hosted 20 mini-documentaries centered around the car, the task of filming the campaign and various cultural segues.Directed by racing legend Jeff Zwart and award winning documentary filmmaker, Joe Berlinger, Ross and his crew embarked on a rugged adventure that bridged continents in search of some of the most technically challenging segments of road around.Highlighted locations include Patagonia, Monaco, Morocco and China.

Ross had once in a lifetime interviews with the last native speaker of the Yaghan language in Puerto Williams to members of the Shao Lin Kung Fu academy in China.

In 2013, Ross was chosen to host and produce the new CBS Sports Docu-Series, "Game Changers".

The show celebrates athletes and fans who reach out in their communities to make life better for so many. Insider's" Kevin Frazier, highlights professional athletes who use their public image to make positive changes in the lives of fans in need.

Whether on or off the field, GAME CHANGERS takes an inspirational look at how sports positively impacts individuals and the communities they serve.

Ross also guest starred opposite Ramon Rodriguez, Terry O'Quinn and RZA in the pilot episode of the 2013 FOX TV show, "Gang Related", directed by renowned film director, Allen Hughes and produced by Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment.

Ross Barton is the son of James and Emma Barton, brother of Pete and Finn Barton and half-brother of Adam Barton.