Ronnie radke dating history

26-Nov-2015 18:30

Frontman of Escape the Fate who, after his prison term ended, founded Falling in Reverse.

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He began dating DJ and Dash Dolls reality star Caroline Burt in 2015.She also moved on to a new man: In 2014, Jenna revealed she was dating Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke, a heavily tattooed bad-boy rocker who'd served two years in prison for battery related to his role in a man's death.They got matching zodiac tattoos on their hands, and embraced it when fans gave them the Brangelina and Bennifer treatment, christening them "Rad King" on social media. "So glad my boyfriend is my hairdresser," Jenna shared on Instagram after Ronnie helped her shave her head.She and Ronnie eventually split, but Jenna's life is just as colorful now, thanks in part to her latest look: Her head is shaved except save for a long, platinum-blond swathe of braids sprouting from the top.Where did they go when their moment in the Bravo spotlight was over? Each week, we'll be looking into the lives of one of these familiar faces. Jenna King left the show after just one season, but not before answered some burning questions during the cast's reunion special in April 2014—like how could she afford such a fabulous life?"I'm really good at rolling the dice playing Craps," she told Andy Cohen.

Jenna also revealed that her closet full of pricey Christian Louboutins came courtesy of her property-developer beau Lou, and that they'd split after filming ended. Instead, she left Charleston behind and moved to Los Angeles after her season ended.

She also traveled the world, posting photos from trips to Belgium, Australia, Italy, France and more stunning locales.

, the sexy female employees of the Kardashians go camping. During their trip, the Dolls meet Caroline Burt’s new boyfriend Ronnie Radke.

The 31-year-old is the heavily tattooed lead singer of the LA band Falling in Reverse. He served two and a half years in jail after failing to report to his probation officer after being indicted on battery charges.

Prior to that he founded the band Escape the Fate with his high school friend, bassist Max Green. Since his release from jail in 2010, Radke has been arrested twice -- once for alleged domestic violence with a girlfriend (the charges were dropped) and the other for aggravated assault (he threw his microphone into the crowd and it hit two people) during a concert at a Six Flags in New Jersey.

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