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This statistic displays annual revenue figures of electronic & computer repair services in the United States from 2009 to 2014. In 2009, the revenue of electronic & computer repair services in the U.

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retail industry, and the types of retailing and retailers that comprise the U. Welcome to Dating, a site dedicated to bringing our visitors the most up-to-date site rankings in many different categories as well as the best advice for dating and relationships.Our desire is for this website to become more than just your average advice and review site but rather to be a unique experience for all of our readers, which we truly believe that is already is.Online dating has been increasing in popularity for many years now and a lot of people either have specific questions about it or are in need of help when it comes to their own relationships. Also find links to the most current info, facts, research, data and trivia about the largest U. In 2105 retail sales were expected to reach $24 trillion in 2015.

retail industry facts, stats, and research information was last updated on January 11, 2015. : The retail industry is a sector of the economy that is comprised of individuals and companies engaged in the selling of finished products to end user consumers. Therefore, store closings and openings are used an indicator of how well the U. Size of the US Retail Industry: Worldwide, total retail sales were more than $22 trillion in 2014, according to a report from e and global retail industry updates as they become available.

gross domestic product (GDP) comes from retail consumption. In 2016, a significant number of store closings and bankruptcies are an indication of both shifting consumer preferences, and an unsteady economy. retail sales have increased an average of 4.5% between 19, according to the U.

retail sales from the Monthly Retail Trade Survey (MRTS), which is a figure calculated based on the monthly retail sales of approximately 3,300 major retail chains including retail food services, and extrapolated to the U. retail industry as a whole: January, 2014 - $418.8 billion January, 2015 - $434.2 billion February, 2014 - $424.0 billion February, 2015 - $431.9 billion March, 2014 - $429.4 billion Marcy, 2015 - $438.6 billion April, 2014 - $433.0 billion April, 2015 - $438.7 billion May, 2014 - $433.0 billion May, 2015 - $443.2 billion June, 2014 - $436.0 billion July, 2014 - $436.2 billion August, 2014 - $438.7 billion September, 2014 - $437.3 billion September, 2015 - $446.9 billion October, 2014 - $442.1 billion October, 2015 - $447.1 billion November, 2014 - $441.4 billion November, 2014 - $448.1 billion December, 2014 - $437.6 billion The Largest U. Retail Industry Companies: Measured solely by revenue numbers, the U. According to the 2015 Global Powers of Retailing report, 76 of the largest retailing companies in the world are based in the U.

Walmart is not only the largest global retailer, it is also the largest company of any kind in the world. As the world moves towards a global economy, the U. retail chains large and small continue to expand their global reach by opening stores in countries throughout the world.

chains that revenues large enough to qualify them for the 2014 World's Largest Retailers list in 2014. The World's Largest Retailers - Global Retailing: Of the world’s 10 largest retail companies in the world, five of them are from the US and five are from Europe, according to the 2015 Global Powers of Retailing rankings.

based retail chains operate domestically, but a growing number of the larges U. retail chains are establishing international retail presence as well.