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20-Nov-2015 19:57

The diminutive crazies came to be collectively known as "midgets".

Midgets also squeal and giggle in high pitched voices that can be quite unnerving to hear in the heat of a battle.To meet Borderlands quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup.Please help by improving, spell-checking and/or trimming the article.The following has been noted as a problem: Articles requested...Axis Satellite has been powering business’s since 2003.At some point in Pandora's recent past, a discovery was made at the Headstone Mine and hastily covered up.

While it has never been fully revealed what was found there, it is known that a Vault key fragment came into the possession of Sledge, a grossly muscled behemoth of a man who later amassed a small army of bandits at Headstone Mine.

The discovery at the mine had a surprising effect on many of the convict workers there.

Most went crazy and many were physically mutated as well, growing into huge, muscular parodies of humanity, or stunted to dwarf proportions.

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