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Solomon's roommate, who was in the bar with him on Thursday night, assumed his friend had gone home.It was only when Solomon failed to show up for an orientation meeting at the college on Friday was he reported missing.

The ANSA news agency said preliminary autopsy results indicated that he had suffered injuries consistent with a fall and with days spent in the water.Solomon, a 19-year-old from Wisconsin who was in Rome on a five week summer course, is believed to have been mugged by a North African crime gang that he chased to the riverbank where he was then met by Galioto.The pair then reportedly had a fight, during which he claimed the teenager fell into the river.He then apparently returned to his tent just a few feet from the Garibaldi Bridge, according to La Stampa.An initial autopsy has shown that Solomon drowned according to La Repubblica.Charges worth $1,700 were run up Saturday on Solomon's credit card at a Milan store, hundreds of miles from where he was last seen in Rome, according to reports.

His parents reportedly received a bank alert about 4am on Friday, informing them of a small transaction of two euros (about $2.20), following by a succession of larger charges.

John Cabot, an English-language university in the Italian capital, said it had been alerted by Solomon's roommate that he had lost contact with Solomon around 1 am Friday and was worried when he didn't show up for orientation later that day.

Witnesses have described seeing Solomon alive when he was pushed in.

He was also found with a wound on his head, suggesting he may have hit rocks when he fell in. But his life was turned upside when he found his wife in bed with another man, leaving everything behind including his now-17-year-old son.

He started to travel Europe, and turned to drink and drugs before eventually ending up under a bridge in Rome.

A statement from the Vatican said that Pope Francis had expressed to Beau's parents, Nick and Jodi, during the unscheduled meeting strong sentiments of 'compassion and his closeness in prayer to the Lord for for the young man who died so tragically.