Male sex chat bots

15-Nov-2015 07:19

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Although creating a profile for membership is free on those sites, it will cost money to reveal the details of the user who has given a free member a good rating.Of course, you have to click on it and scroll through a bunch of legalese to uncover this.I think the sites are Affair Alert, Blackcrush, MILFHunter, or whatever.@user19555 - FWIW, the "sites" aren't always a distinct entity.One of the business tactics some companies engage in is to have a multitude of differently skinned and differently named sites all of which are really the same network.This applies even to "legit" personals sites like Plenty of Fish, i [email protected] question and answer highlighted by you talks about the Ashley Madison user population which is 85.96% Male profiles and 15.04% female profiles.So is "fembot" programming commonly used by these sites as claimed by Gizmodo?

I know that there is a series of sites that admit to doing this.

I can't access them at work (firewall for adult sites).

But they have members marked as "Fantasy Cuties" by a yellow star with FC in it.

However it does not further categorize this 15.04% into a proportion of fembots a.k.a chatbots as alleged in this claim apart from the discussed fake, unused, unconfirmed and unpaid profiles.

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By the time she started saying “Hitler was right I hate the jews,” people had started to realize that there was something wrong with Tay.