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She is a daughter of Laurence Ronson, a businessman, and Ann Dexter, a socialite and writer.She is a sister of DJ Mark Ronson and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson.

Samantha’s parents are both Jewish (their families were from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Austria).Samantha’s paternal grandparents were Henry Ronson (born Henry Aaronson, the son of Marks Aaronson and Rebecca) and Sarah Raine (the daughter of Louis Raine, born Leib Shimelevich Davidovich Rein, and of Khaia/Fanny Genekhovna Stein). Sarah’s parents were Jewish immigrants from Ukraine/Russia.Samantha’s maternal grandparents were Frederick Deutsch (later “Dexter”) and Judith Lurie (the daughter of Abraham Lurie and Hannah Hoffenberg).Frederick was an Austrian Jew, born in Vienna, Austria. Hannah’s sister, Nechama, was the paternal grandmother of Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a Conservative politician, making Samantha and Sir Malcolm second cousins, once removed.It almost felt as if shamings were now happening for their own sake, as if they were following a script.'Justine told Jon that she realised she 'couldn't sit at home and watch movies every day and cry and feel sorry for myself' forever and she needed to 'make steps to reclaim my identity and remind myself of who I am'.He said of Justine's journey: 'When I first met her, she was desperate to tell the tens of thousands of people who tore her apart how they had wronged her and to repair what remained of her public persona.

'Her tormentors were instantly congratulated as they took Sacco down, bit by bit, and so they continued to do so.

Birth Name: Samantha Judith Ronson Place of Birth: Camden, London, England, UK Date of Birth: 7 August, 1977 Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish Samantha Ronson is a British singer-songwriter and disc jockey.

She added that she bitterly regrets posting the comment: 'Unfortunately, I am not a character on ‘South Park’ or a comedian, so I had no business commenting on the epidemic in such a politically incorrect manner on a public platform.

Jon, whose previous works include The Men Who Stare At Goats and The Psychopath Test, interviewed Justine as he sought to investigate the impact a social media storm has on the ordinary people lambasted.

Describing his motivation for the book, he wrote in the New York Times: 'As time passed, I watched these shame campaigns multiply, to the point that they targeted not just powerful institutions and public figures but really anyone perceived to have done something offensive.

'I also began to marvel at the disconnect between the severity of the crime and the gleeful savagery of the punishment.