Is pastor melissa scott dating paul crouch jr

25-Oct-2015 11:26

At the infamous pony parties during the mid-1990s, Melissa Scott often danced topless for her future husband.

In 1998, Scott ordained Melissa as his administrative pastor and confirmed that the two were dating seriously.A month after they wed in 2000, Scott was diagnosed with prostate cancer.Upon his death in 2005, Melissa Scott inherited Gene Scottメs entire multimillion-dollar estate, which includes mansions, a car collection, horse ranches, a private plane and his church.Most folks drive right past the gritty stretch of downtown Los Angeles that houses University Cathedral, a former movie palace whose marquee now advertises weekly evangelical sermons.But on any given Sunday, several hundred parishioners converge here for a rousing service that has them swaying and shouting , enraptured by the low, breathless calls for salvation from Melissa Scott.In addition to being 40 years his junior, televangelist Gene Scottメs third wife Melissa was formerly an adult entertainer by the name of Barbie Bridges.

According to Marie Claire, Melissa Paulina Peroff was a frequent guest at Scottメs California ranch, where he often entertained Penthouse Pets and Playboy Bunnies.

Know More Pastor Gene Scott was no stranger to controversy.

A nationally-televised evangelist and recognized scholar in Aramaic and Hebrew, Scott swore freely on camera while quoting scripture, preached on alien conspiracies and UFOs, and showed his own videos of scantily-clad モpony girls,ヤ filmed while riding Scottメs prized stallions.

The unlikely stunner who leads this congregation, Scott, 40, struts the stage clutching a red-leather Bible, periodically flinging her endless chestnut locks.

Her doe-eyed image is beamed to local cable stations—she is a late-night staple—courtesy of six TV cameras flanking the pulpit.

"Before I found God's word, when things got bad, what did I have?