Is my boyfriend on craiglist dating

31-Oct-2015 06:11

"Get out while you can."Once again, thank you Craiglist. Based on the theory that every fall activity is done better in pairs — apple picking, watching football, coordinating Halloween costumes — two women posted a joke ad on Craigslist about their search for ‘fall boyfriends.’ Because what better way to find the perfect guy whose sweater you can steal in the chilly weather?

Here’s the entire ad: Needed: Fall Boyfriends – 27 (Manhattan) Seeking Fall Boyfriends 2 smart, funny, attractive girls each looking for a fall boyfriend with chill group of bro friends, now is the time you must start dating someone in order to spend the holidays together/go on ski trips/have a NYE kiss you’re stoked on.There is probably no worse way to be called out for being the other woman than by having your boyfriend's wife slam you and him in a Craiglist post. After all, his dating profiles --Our and that he was horn-doggin' over a 120 mile radius. Seriously, she is not screwing around about the receipts.That's what one woman decided to do when she had enough of her husband's philandering ways. He claims he found that mascara (used Cover Girl--ick! The immaculate truck (I've NEVER seen him clean a vehicle in 15 years! And somehow I'd want used mascara he found on the ground? There were ice cream cones in my pantry and sugary cereal and milk left at the house--I've never seen him eat that crap, ever, in 15 years. "Later, you two stopped at Tops in Cicero, bought ice cream cones and sugary cereal (and cheap wine coolers....In a spectacular post called "To the Woman Dating My Husband," shared to the "Rants and Raves" section of Syracuse Craiglist, a woman unleashes on her husband's mistress (or perhaps mistresses) and his "horn-doggin'" ways, which she's clearly had enough of. -- I wear Lancome, which I replace every 6 months because of eye allergies) on the ground at work before I left to go take care of my sick mom in another state. eeeewwwww) and you returned to the house."By the way, pro-tip: If you're going to cheat, clean out your Google history.The unnamed woman says she didn't know there was a problem in her marriage until she discovered all his dating site profiles. "You Googled the address for Fun Junction from our house computer (he hates Google and only uses Bing), then according to his phone he drove there." The woman also politely reminded whoever the other woman is that if she thinks she might be walking away with the motherlode courtesy of a rich divorcé, think again. That nice house and property you saw, and new truck, and all his new tools?She said admittedly doesn't know if he is cheating with just one woman or if there are numerous mistresses, telling them, "Be aware that every day, he wrote me loving, wonderful messages, just as he was talking to you and wooing you."Also the woman (or women) apparently left behind a lot of their stuff. ***I OWN HALF OF ALL OF IT***."Don't count on living in her husband's house because they are selling it.

You left your mascara in my husband's old vehicle (he bought a newer one in late September). "And he may not have mentioned all my grad school debt," she added.

(Of course, it maybe that it belongs to someone else..... You bought it at Tops in Cicero one evening in late August. You bought all that weird crap in one evening, after the trip to Fun Junction and the return to the house.

"We'll be splitting that as well." Finally, she offers some probably solid advice.

Labor Day has happened, we are saying goodbye and filtering out our casual summer, meet up at 2 a.m.

hook ups and are looking for boys we might be able to stand being sober around.

Needed: 2 males interested in something steady/serious-ish as the weather fades from hot, humid, and care-free to crisp, chill Patagonia vest season.