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02-Nov-2015 14:39

Currently it has more than one billion users and this number is continuously showing the upward trend.The company celebrated its 8 baclofen pump cost – in our new free online store baclofen louisiana, muscle relaxants,...

The held meeting of the shareholders and during the meeting, the company informed all the future projects that...The Google has announced another interesting thing that it is extending the free domestic call facility at Gmail in the U. This has been done for the third consecutive year and it was previously extended in 20.Google has announced yesterday that the users will...Facebook is the leading social media site and it has large users base.The users of Facebook Poke will be pleased to know that the videos sent through this app can now be saved permanently.The apps like Snapchat and Facebook Poke now allows the users to send messages, photos or videos that are deleted after being they are sent (just after few seconds). The year 2012 brought different changes on the horizon of the different tech companies.

This remained good for some companies and at the same time this year also created different problems for some companies.

As far as the performance of IPOs of the tech companies is concerned, the year 2012 was a mixed...

According to some sources of the market, Apple is planning to bring some changes in its strategy of production of Mac Mini.

According to these sources, the company is planning to bring Mac mini production to the U.

S with the help of its manufacturing partner, the Foxconn. According to news website of China that normally contains the news on gadgets, smart phones etc, Apple is planning to introduce a smart watch that will connect to the Apple devices through Bluetooth. According to the sources of this report, the company has made arrangements...

The Apple has submitted the annual statement to the SEC yesterday in which the company claimed that the total remuneration that was given to the CEO of the company stood at $ 4.17M during 2012.