Good dating spots chicago

17-Nov-2015 11:37

Discover her competitive side and create memories with Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, Balderdash, and oh so many more. A bar as long as the room takes care of any thirst problems.

If your date is the kind who loves a bit of an old-school date, take her on a Buckingham Park Ride or a Lincoln Park Ride in a horse and carriage.The ride is 2 hours long, and it is the perfect way to chat while enjoying the sights of the city in a new way.The best part is it brings back that old-fashioned romance, almost like time-traveling while enjoying the heart of the metropolis.Dress up a bit and bring a rose - it will add to the effect. Then take her for painting and wine at the Bottle & Bottega.Chicago senior singles know that their city is a perfect place to meet and date.What city better spells romance" than a metropolis against the Great Lakes? This School of Folk Music has an open house on the first and third Fridays of every month, called The Social.

Lake Michigan and the Chicago River break up the view into distinctive skylines that dont melt into one another: the perfect backdrop for a romantic date. Drop in early, have some tortilla wraps at the Old Town School Cafe, then wander around and listen. If your date plays guitar or wants to, attend the Gather-All or the Second Half.

Both provide night time venues for casual guitar-playing with other enthusiasts, guided by some of the instructors.

Both of you can indulge your inner Van Goghs at the venues Art Parties, which is open for all.

You and your date will enjoy attacking easels with brushes and paint (you know youve always wanted to! You will both walk out with personalized reminders of the date, and a second date on the calendar.

If your date enjoys casual conversation and has a thing for board games, Guthries Tavern is definitely the place to take her. Its small enough for an intimate setting, and the audience are seated at tiny tables only a short distance away from the stage.

After dinner and over beer is the best time to break out all of those old-fashioned board games. You cant go wrong with local groups and players such as Rodney Brown, Eddie Shaw and the Wolfgang, and the occasional Guitar Slinger Showdown.