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29-Oct-2015 20:22

Some critics say a merger would shift debt from Solar City to Tesla, to the disadvantage of Tesla shareholders.

These fund managers don’t want Tesla leadership thinking about much beyond getting Model 3s out the door, continuing to build Model S and Model X sales, and improving build quality.Meanwhile, two EVs competing with the Model 3, with similar range claims and base prices will ship as well: the Chevrolet Bolt (inset right), due late this year, and the 2018 Nissan Leaf, shipping late 2017 or early 2018.Tesla has incredibly loyal fans and 400,000 have put down $1,000 deposits, refundable, to get in line to buy the Model 3.Tesla’s previous cars have shipped later than planned, particularly the Model X crossover / SUV.The Model 3, to its credit, will not have the cool-but-complex falcon wing doors.Tesla, one-quarter owned by Elon Musk, wants to buy Solar City, also a quarter owned by Elon Musk.

The Tesla CEO and Solar City chairman sees synergy in combining the operations. That also means a chance to upsell Tesla buyers to Solar City rooftop solar systems for recharging Tesla cars, as well as storing or time-shifting solar energy in Tesla Powerwall battery packs.

The stock market likes the deal for Solar City, which has lost two-thirds of its value in the past year, and stock buyers pushed the stock price up 15% after Tuesday’s announcements.

As for Tesla, 10 times the size of Solar City, it lost 10% of its stock value after the announcement.

The first 200,000 EVs sold by an automaker are eligible for $7,500 tax credits.

Tesla’s sales curve for the Model S and Model X suggest Tesla will hit the 200,000 mark around the time the Model 3 comes to market.

Automakers have two additional wind-down quarters after hitting the 200K mark to dole out the tax credits.