Exclusive dating alliance

09-Nov-2015 21:47

Move over Jay Z and Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are the 2015 Bonnie and Clyde in the flesh.Following her much-publicized split with longtime boyfriend, Safaree “Scaff Beezy” Samuels in late 2014, the rumor mill started churning, with media headlines linking Nicki to Philadelphia native Meek.

They seemed to have a bond that went beyond rap features and photo opps.These thoughts nagged us so much that we enlisted relationship expert Dr.Terri Orbuch (Ph D), also known as “The Love Doctor,” to get to the bottom of it.A professor, therapist and author of the book, According to Dr.Orbuch, the odds are not in Safaree’s favor as far as the two mending their former relationship.The romance between Nicki and Meek may be great publicity for the two and get fans excited at the thought of them becoming the new-gen hip-hop power couple, but the cute Instagram posts and public sightings only tell one story.

The reality of the situation could be something else all together.

After all, these artists are only sharing what they want the world to see, which leads us to a few questions. Is Meek, whom she apparently first met through Safaree, a rebound?

Or is this fling truly the start of something special?

“There have multiple rumors in the last 10 years about them splitting,” says Orbuch. Yes, she might still think about him, and yes she might still care [and] miss him, but that doesn’t mean that she would ever go back to Safaree.

I’m sure her friends and family have told her what is wrong with that relationship — her mother specifically.

And, after 10 years, when you part, it is typically for good.” That means we won’t hear any Safaree shout outs from Nicki anytime soon.