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After 'six strikes' a worker 'will have their assignment at Sports Direct ended,' they said, pointing to Mr Ashley for being directly responsible for the poor working conditions and accused him of having 'an arrogance and a contempt' for his staff.When he finally appeared before MPs today, a defiant Mike Ashley (pictured before the Commons Business Committee sporting his black and white Newcastle tie) admitted he was 'shocked' to find problems over the length of security searches conducted on staff at the end of each shift at Sports Direct's main warehouse in Shirebrook, Derbyshire Mr Ashley, finally appearing in front of MPs on the Business Committee after months of resistance, admitted that his own internal review of working practices at the firm had found 'unacceptable' and 'unpleasant surprises' - such as fining workers for turning up just one minute late for shifts.At one point Mr Ashley, who quit education at the age of 16 to launch his Sports Direct empire, appeared to confess that he had lost control of the business due to the unexpected boom in internet shopping, which led to him employing thousands of agency workers.Mr Ashley, accompanied by his PR boss Keith Bishop, also accepted that 80 per cent of his staff were on the controversial zero-hours contracts - where workers are not guaranteed a set number of hours per week - but said he wanted to see more on full-time contracts.It was a rare public appearance from Mr Ashley, who has received increasingly negative attention in relation to his running of Sports Direct and his ownership of Newcastle United, who were relegated to the Championship last month.Get Real Pheromones directly from Androtics Pheromone Research at the Smart Mones Pheromone Store Questions about pheromones? If you need help with a specific order you've placed, please call 800-671-6464 and we'll help you right away!

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Investors reacted to Mr Ashley's performance by piling into Sports Direct's stock, boosting the share price by 5.78 per cent to 384.6p in afternoon trading - suggesting they were pleased with his performance today.

The defiant Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley (pictured with his wife Linda as he arrived for his long-awaited appearance in Parliament) said he will defend his 'good name' when he finally appears before the Commons Business Select Committee Sports Direct staff are forced to work in 'Victorian' conditions equivalent to a 'gulag', union chiefs claimed today as they blasted the firm's 'arrogant' boss Mike Ashley, who faced protests outside Parliament before his long-awaited appearance at the committee today Mike Ashley quit education at the age of 16 but now has an estimated personal wealth of £2.4bn, owns more than 400 Sports Direct stores, Newcastle United football club and a raft of sportswear brands and commutes in a helicopter from his north London home.

Before his much-anticipated session this morning, Steve Turner, assistant General Secretary at the Unite Union and Luke Primarolo, regional officer at the union, described dire working conditions at the main Sports Direct warehouse in Derbyshire.