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While many of the chapters are gag stories, the central theme of School Rumble is relationships, mostly because of love, and as the series progresses, characters are introduced and situations are misinterpreted, the relationship web becomes more complex.Since the characters are unable to let their true feelings be known to the one they like tension and rivalries build.

However, despite putting most of his personal feelings into the female characters, he stated that Ryuuhei Suga, a minor supporting character, is the most autobiographical.Wrong Planet is the web community designed for individuals (and parents / professionals of those) with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, PDDs, and other neurological differences.We provide a discussion forum, where members communicate with each other, an article section, with exclusive articles and how-to guides, a blogging feature, and more.The School Rumble manga and anime series features a cast of characters designed by Jin Kobayashi.The story takes place mostly in a Japanese high school and revolves around various love triangles and polygons.The manga series is followed by a short parallel world story, School Rumble Z.

The manga alternates between several main protagonists.

In the main storyline chapters the main protagonists are Tenma Tsukamoto and Kenji Harima.

The side chapters focus on many of the side characters from the main chapters with most of them focusing on Yakumo Tsukamoto.

As a manga author, Kobayashi also designed the cover art.

Originally, the fifth volume's front cover was to feature Akira Takano, but after re-reading the volume Kobayashi concluded that since much of its plot in that volume revolves around Karen Ichijo, she should be on the cover instead.

Desiring to feature a male character, he placed Harima on the cover of volume six.