Dating vision statements

15-Nov-2015 11:42

If you don't have a vision statement, don't panic.I bet you do have a vision of what you want your business to accomplish; you just need to articulate and formalize it.

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If you don’t have one already, How to Write a Mission Statement will lead you through the process of creating one for your business.) Read your mission statement and consider: What is it your business does well? To write a vision statement, focus on the basics of your mission statement and extrapolate; where is your business going to be five years from now? Imagine that you, the CEO of your company, are being profiled on the news.As with other trauma types, children's responses to domestic violence vary with age and developmental stage.In addition, children's responses depend on the severity of the violence, their proximity to the violent events, and the responses of their caregivers.The table below shows a brief list of possible reactions/symptoms by age: young children (birth to age 5), school-age children (aged 6 to 11) and adolescents (aged 12 to 18).It is important to remember that these symptoms can also be associated with other stressors, traumas, or developmental disturbances, and that they should be considered in the context of the child and family's functioning.Why should writing a vision statement for your small business be a priority?

Because a vision statement is your small business's ticket to success.

A photograph in words of your company's future, it provides the inspiration for both your daily operations and your strategic decisions.

Without a vision statement, effective business planning becomes impossible; it's the vision statement that provides the destination for the journey, and without a destination, how can you plan the route?

What are you and your company being recognized for?

For instance, if your current business involves yoga instruction, you might imagine yourself being featured on the news for opening your twelfth franchise.

Or perhaps for offering different types of yoga instruction.