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20-Oct-2015 20:16

Victims: This is the first picture to emerge of dinner lady Liz Edwards and her daughter Katie, who were found murdered in their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire, at lunchtime on Friday.Two teens have since been arrested Third daughter Mary Cottingham, who lives with her husband, wrote on Facebook: ‘I’m still in shock, can’t believe they are gone.

I love you both.’Schoolfriend Amber Chuter, 14, said: ‘I’ve known Katie since we were four …She felt people were out to get her.’ Family home: Churchgoing Miss Edwards was described as ‘happy and smiling’ by parents at the primary school where she worked.She lived at this new-build house with her two teenage daughters, Katie and Kim Tragic: Tributes to Katie (pictured) and her mother have been paid on Facebook, with scores of people offering sympathy to other family members and her mother's partner, Graham Green, following their deaths on Friday A mother called Becky, whose daughter attends St Paul’s Primary School, less than half a mile away, where Miss Edwards was a dinner lady, said: ‘Liz was a lovely lady. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt someone like that.’Miss Edwards ran drama and choir classes at St Paul’s Parish Church, where the Rev Mike Chesher said: ‘I don’t know how we’ll manage without her because she’s just brilliant – such a genuine, committed person of such integrity.It is such a horrible shock.’ Probe: Forensics officers were seen at the scene of the crime on Dawson Avenue.Spalding, on Sayurday after two people aged 14 were arrested on suspicion of murder.The two teenagers will appear in court later today He wrote: ‘The lady meant the world to me. And Katie, so young, lots of good times in front of us.

RIP Liz, you are always in my heart, never ever forget I love you to the moon and back.’Superintendent Paul Timmins of Lincolnshire Police said: ‘This type of crime is extremely rare … We are looking at a number of lines of inquiry and doing our utmost to get to the bottom of what has happened.’ Murder scene: The pair were found dead at their family home at 12.15pm on Friday.

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When I saw on Facebook [that she’d died] I didn’t believe it at first, I couldn’t think how it would be true, then I just sat there crying …

she was always smiling, carefree and happy, and sees the best in people.’ Pictured: Katie Edwards, 13, was found dead, along with her mother, after a double murder in Spalding, Lincolnshire, just after midday on Friday.

Two teenagers charged with their murder will appear in court today Tragic: Katie was found dead alongside her mother, Liz Edwards (pictured).

It is thought that the pair were stabbed to death but police have refused to officially confirm cause of death until a post-mortem is carried out The accused girl went through a brief phase of dressing in dark clothes when she was younger, but friends persuaded her to switch to ‘jeans and brightly coloured tops’ because she was being bullied over her sense of fashion, said another local, adding: ‘I think that period affected her really badly.