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20-Oct-2015 01:01

The club meets every week- recently they helped make pillows for the Julian Center- a local facility that helps victims of domestic violence.“It happens a lot in the community and people try to ignore it and act like it’s not there when it really is,” said Jenkins.

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“They feel like they’re trapped because they’re men but they feel like they don’t want to talk to anybody,” said club member Francisco Valle. We have to defend each other, it’s not just males, not just females, it’s everybody.” “It makes me feel really good inside,” said Jenkins.The site also features information and resources for adults regarding how to initiate conversations with youth about healthy relationships.Additional interactive features include a healthy relationships quiz, videos, downloads and a statewide calendar and map featuring prevention events hosted by FCADV and its member centers FCADV has partnered with the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to develop a teen dating violence prevention curriculum that meets school requirements for comprehensive health education for seventh through twelfth grades while adhering to evidence-informed practices in prevention.For more information, click here This toolkit was created by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) Youth Advisory Board.“It make me feel like I can actually do something and make a change.” February also happens to be teen domestic violence/dating violence awareness month.You can learn more about the group and other similar efforts in our area on the Domestic Violence Network's web site.

Get the Facts on Dating Violence Want to learn more about teen dating violence?

Click here to access information about teen dating violence and action steps for youth who are interested in engaging in teen dating violence prevention activities in their community.

INDIANAPOLIS (February 2, 2016) - Students at Crispus Attucks Magnet School are learning important life lessons- part of a special club raising awareness about teen domestic violence, called the “No More Club.” “They are an anti-violence club that promotes healthy relationships and has a goal of ending violence, particular Ly dating violence,” said Lindsay Hill Stawick, youth program manager for the Domestic Violence Network.

And here at Crispus Attucks, students are taking that message to heart.

“It’s important because adults can say it and they’re going to shrug it off like OK, but it’s easier to hear it coming from peers and it sinks in more than it does when adults say it,” said club member Dakiya Jenkins.

“We do a lot of different activities to raise awareness against violence, and dating violence and domestic violence,” said Kim Baker, a social worker at Crispus Attucks.