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17-Nov-2015 20:49

However, when he realised his colleague was dead he himself had difficulty breathing, an 'absolutely devastated' Littlewood told BBC Breakfast.

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But behind the scenes officers are in little doubt Mr Digby died as a result of the notorious sex game.Mr Digby, 32, was found dead at his home in Newham, East London, after an ambulance crew was called shortly before 8am on Monday.It is understood police discovered a belt and plastic bag near his body.Dominic Littlewood, an adviser on To Buy Or Not To Buy, today told of his shock at the news of Digby's death.The former used car salesman who has appeared on Holiday and Strictly Come Dancing said he thought the news was a sick practical joke when he first heard it.Mark Bryenton, who lived next door to the star, said he saw Mr Digby going into the house with another man on Sunday afternoon. He was tall with dark hair and looked about the same age as Kristian.' It is thought Mr Digby's body was found by a close friend, but further information has not been released.

The 30-year-old builder said: 'They were holding hands and looked happy together. The BBC presenter was a successful developer who built his East London home himself.

His property programmes included Living In The Sun, House Swap and Buy It, Sell It, Bank It.

A daytime TV presenter died when a solo sex game went wrong, police believe.

Kristian Digby, host of BBC1's To Buy Or Not To Buy, is thought to have accidentally suffocated while attempting auto-erotic asphyxiation.

The extremely dangerous practice, in which participants deliberately starve themselves of oxygen apparently to increase sexual pleasure, also cost rock star Michael Hutchence his life.

It is said that masks, ligatures or even plastic bags can be used to achieve the desired effect.