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Combined Clocks and Flashlights on seperate web page. 1041 3AA Optics Light Switch Care and Feeding Patent Class Numbers Patents Conrad Hubert - National Carbon Co. Candle Shaped Battery Powered Lights Dura Company & Eveready No. Bond Electric Corp Blake Manufacturing Railroad Electric Lantern The Adams & Westlake Co. 6 Dry Cell Hipco Dual Lens Flashlight Battle Lanterns Signal Lamps Army Angle Head Flashlight Penlights Neuralizer Generator Flashlights Shake Flashlight (Fake) Night Star RS Shake Flashlight (works) Projection Pointers Design Patents Modern Flash Lights Inova Mag Instrument Terralux Bo Go Light 9 LED Luxeon K2 Cree Ultra Fire C2 Cree Ultra Fire C3 Ultra Fire_Hwa_Wys Insight Ultraviolet Xenide AEX25 1500 Lumen HID flashlight Lumen vs.Military Survival Lights web page M-227 Signal Lamp Background Components Lamps Lamp Test E10 Repairing Loose Bulbs Photos at 2X life size 1915 Catalog listing of Lamps Table of Newer Lamps Edison 10 mm Miniature Screw Lamp Base (E10) Batteries Cylindrical Prismatic Size Table No. 1653 Electric Candle Table Lights Cane & Umbrella Lights Electric Storage Battery Co. Foot Candle A portable source of light probably started with a cave man carrying a burning stick of wood.

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Schwartz Key chain Pocket Flashlight Zippo Light Eveready Extreme Glass Coat Pocket Flash Light Embury Manufacturing Co. 2108 4 "D" or 1 6V Lantern Battery Folded Paper Disposable Flashlight No. Bicycle Lamps Patent Number (not by maker) May Baby Torch Niagara Searchlight Co Pocket Flash Lights Mystery Pocket Flash Light Eveready No. 4758 3-cell Wallite with Timer-Switch Franco Dec 29 1914 Pocket Flashlight Burgess Snap-Lite Chase Round Pocket Flash Light Guth Stern & Co Art Deco Pocket Flashlight S. Starlite 222 Pyle-National Explosive Atmosphere Headband Auto-Magic Pistol 16 mm film strip projector Justrite No.Once the dry cell battery became available flashlights became more popular than they were when a lead acid or other wet battery was needed.This web page is being done by adding a section after reading something on the internet, either an e Bay item or reference material.Once an inventor name shows up then his inventions are grouped or the company the invention is assigned to has a group of related products.The early Flash Lights used an Edison type minature screw base lamp very much like the # 14.

A problem with this lamp is that the filament location is not controlled.

Part of the reason for that is there is no reference surface on the base to support good filament location.

I have included on this page what most people would consider a flashlight, but also any light that uses the No. Also some fixed battery powered lights like used on barricades or in purses, &etc. And some closley related patents like anti reflection coatings or earlier lights.

Not on the page are patents related to Flashlights as used on cameras.

The key components of a portable light source are: Source of power, A way to start and stop the light source, A way to convert the power into light , A way to control the light.

For a flashlight these would be: Dry Cell battery, switch (aka circuit closer), lamp with a filament, reflector and/or lens.