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28-Oct-2015 15:14

An easy way to make sure youre only looking at product listing Ads is to select the Auto Targets tab for a campaign. Check out the SEOmoz and CPC Strategy Webinar this Thursday, 4/18 at AM PST.I find that out of all the shopping comparison websites I am on, Google Shopping provides the best conversion rate.

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Note: Although you manage Google Shopping through the Google Ad Words login, the Google Shopping feed should be sent to the Google Merchant Center.Google does not have a minimum bid or a minimum cost for Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads.You can choose a cost per click as low as $0.01, and there is no minimum daily budget, so you have a lot of flexibility with how much you spend on Google Shopping.Do you use the Ad Words login in addition to the Google Merchant login?The Ad Words login is more complex than the Merchant login, but youll get a lot of useful information there, and this is where youd be Ad Group adjustments.When listing on Google Shopping you should keep in mind three major elements of the Google campaign: Your product data, or your Google Shopping data feed; How much you are spending on Google; and what your PPC is on Google Shopping.

When youre creating product descriptions and product titles keep in mind what shoppers are searching (e.g.

brand, size, MPN, UPC, product title, category title (i.e.

baby strollers) etc.), you will want to do some research here and or get some SEO advice.

Again thanks for the great piece and Im now off to test the keyword organization in our title tags! In other words, the Google Shopping data feed contains your product data.

Its a Google Shopping data feed because you must regularly feed it to Google in order to update your product data whenever you change a product name, price, category, image, URL or stock availability.

Realistically your Google Shopping PPC campaign may not be able to afford to rank high on Google Shopping depending on what the average Google Shopping CPC is for your category, and how much you are comfortable spending on Google Shopping.