Consolidating your bills

22-Oct-2015 20:38

The Internal Revenue Continue Reading Consolidate debt or Negotiate a Settlement?Learn the differences between each of these debt management options and which is best for your situation As more and more consumers end up with huge amounts fo credit card debt with poor credit scores, many wonder whether they should join a debt Continue Reading Making the move to consolidate your student loan debt can reduce your payments and free up cash.

This type of consolidation loan works much like other Continue Reading There's a couple to different types of consolidation loans - learn which may fit your situation best.A debt consolidation loan is a new loan you obtain to pay off various debts you have.A debt consolidation loan is usually acquired from a private lender and qualification may depend on your Continue Reading Student loan refinancing can save you a bundle of money and help to improve your cash flow and your credit.Refinancing your student loan is an opportunity for you to take the student loans that you have and reorganize them into a loan with a much better interest rate and/or a more affordable Continue Reading No-contract carriers are becoming extremely popular as people are getting fed up with paying high wireless costs of the big contract carriers.MVNO's (mobile virtual network operators) like Straight Talk, and others no contract carriers like Tracfone, Net10, Boost Mobile, Cricket and Metro PCS, offer Continue Reading Credit counseling involves a one-on-one consultation with a credit expert; a person who understands and can explain the complexities involved in a person's credit score.Organic foods are all the rage, as consumers seek ways to lose weight, reduce the risk of disease and illness and eat healthier for more energy and vitality.

But going organic means your grocery bill will be considerably higher, and you could find yourself shopping at specialty food stores if your Continue Reading Tax debt can be as disturbing as any other type of debt.

Like any debt, reducing IRS debt can be done by following these simple methods.

Just like credit card debt, a tax debt to the IRS can be a major stress and be a long-lasting problem if it's not taken care of properly.

While some people get credit counseling before applying for a credit card or a loan, many others do not.

While this is an Continue Reading Whether you're buying a property, a vehicle, settling debt or even getting a raise at the workplace, now it is possible to see how these kinds of financial changes will affect your future using the new web app Planwise.

This financial planning tool was developed to resolve the most frequent mistakes Continue Reading Looking at the way the world is changing, the more technologically savvy you are, the better.