Chef dating

24-Nov-2015 11:37

The only time we will be on time is for our wake.8.

If they have a day off, they will be grumpy, and will be upright and walking but still unresponsive.11. Your cooking & knife skills will be criticized as will your kitchen cleaning skills.16.NEVER EVER call them during service unless there is a death.Even then give it some thought....can sometimes wait.21.They will go to work no matter how ill/broken/unconscious they are.22.They are extremely passionate about food, job and cooking.12. They will talk food in their sleep or think they’re still working don't be alarmed by the language.14. It will always be quicker for him/her to chop for you.17.They will always come home smelling of fish, garlic, onions and KITCHEN18.

They will have no desire to cook at home but when they do it will be AMAZING! They will talk about famous chefs like Marco Pierre White, Thomas Keller.

Michel Roux Senior & Charlie Trotter as if they are gods.20.

They are constantly covered in cuts, burns and have callouses on their knife hand.7.

They work 14+ hours a day 6 to 7 days a week most of the year.6.

Don’t expect to see him/her on any major holiday i.e.: Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Maybe Fathers Day but will end up barbecuing at home.3. If you have children, 90% of the parenting responsibility will be on you, My wife tells people single parent happy married.5.

Never make plans with a chef, work shifts will always change.