Canm chat

03-Nov-2015 23:47

Gmail's not just for email--you can also communicate with your friends in real time using chat in Gmail!Gmail is part of Google's chat network, which means that you can communicate with your friends using Google Plus.

Chat history allows you to store the text of your chats in your Gmail account so that you can easily search for them later.To use it, you have to open Google Chrome and scan the QR code inside your Whats App smartphone app.Then, you must keep your phone connected to the Internet and make sure you have the latest version of Whats App.There’s one big caveat, too: you can’t connect Whats App to your browser if you have an i Phone.Facebook announced in February of last year it would purchase Whats App in a deal that closed in October for $19 billion in cash and shares. You can also respond to these chats like you would to regular Gmail messages.

You can chat with anyone who has a colored ball icon next to his or her name.

When someone is online, a green, yellow, or red colored ball will appear.

The mobile messaging app that has become ubiquitous among international chatters now can be accessed from your web browser.

Whats App on Wednesday unveiled a new browser-based desktop chat option, calling the feature an “extension” of its smartphone apps.

The web experience “mirrors” conversations from your mobile device, said Whats App.

The company’s desktop solution, however, is somewhat convoluted.