Breast size adult dating

07-Nov-2015 06:58

Below are 15 of the best responses from the thread that should (hopefully) answer all of your questions about what guys think of breast size.

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Some guys compare their preference to how girls feel about boy parts.There are way too many things that a lot of girls are insecure about even though they shouldn’t be – and breast size is definitely high on that list.I think it’s safe to say that most girls out there have stressed about their boobs in some way at least one, whether it’s about their size, their unevenness or how they look when naked.Since boobs are basically everywhere you look, it’s normal to get a little self-conscious about your own.Here on Gurl, I see new comments and questions every week asking the same questions: does breast size matter to guys? Well, Reddit users were also curious and started a thread on the site asking how much boob size really matters.The "Chi Chi" app is slated to launch in January and, according to its developers, uses the smartphone's camera and sensor in order to detect a women's bust size.

The team behind the self-modelled "healthcare app" reckons that 80% of women in the world are not wearing the correct size bra .

A feminist group in Japan has spoken out against the app, labelling it: "something designed by men that women will have to pay for even though they don't really need it." "A woman can tell instinctively if a bra fits her or not.

Most dudes just want you to be confident with what you have. Dudes really don’t care about breast size as much as you think they do.

Some guys and girls just really don’t care about size at all. Honestly, when I first opened up this Reddit thread, I was worried that I would read a bunch of offensive and superficial comments from d-bags who troll the Internet. Like most of the Reddit users explained, they may have a preference, but in the end, it’s really not important – if they like you, they like what kind of boobs you have.

Do guys care if your boobs are two different sizes?

A bizarre new app from Japan promises to tell women their bra size simply by putting a smartphone between their breasts .