Brad pitt dating timeline

26-Nov-2015 00:00

We know he dated Juliette Lewis around the time that they co-starred in the TV movie in 1993.

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Former Scientology Amy Scobee claims in a recent book that Lewis did, and said that it caused Pitt and Lewis to break up.Given the time frame, he was probably high as a kite at the time. I found this article I wrote in 2006 and totally forgot about.It’s about Tom Cruise making a weak ass attempt to recruit Angelina Jolie into Scientology by asking her to come by their headquarters and pick up an “award.” Cult expert Rick Ross also mentioned that Brad Pitt dumped Juliette Lewis over Scientology, so I guess this news has been out there for a while.I finally watched the BBC Panorama documentary on Scientology from 2007 that so many of you have been mentioning in the threads.Scientology bigwigs were of course drooling over Pitt, but he was wise enough to get the hell out of there while he could.In former high-ranking church official Amy Scobee’s book, “Scientology — Abuse at the Top,” she claims Brad Pitt completed two Scientology courses in July 1991 and May 1993.

“In the end, Brad didn’t think it was for him and he and Juliette broke up,” said Scobee.

“He was high on the church president’s list of stars they felt could be ‘recovered.” [From Business Insider] The site “Truth about Scientology,” which compiles information from Scientology’s official magazines, has Pitt listed as completing two courses in Scientology in the years Scobee mentioned.

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Jezebel recently pointed us to this article in Business Insider on former celebrity Scientologists.

It answered a question for me about Brad Pitt’s involvement with the cult.