Beeswax dating candle

06-Nov-2015 14:27

Paraffin is the most frequently used wax for candles and cosmetics today.

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When paraffin burns, it creates more black soot than most other types of wax used for candles.It is normal for a hazy white “bloom” to appear on the surface of beeswax.When this occurs on candles, it is often desirable, however if you wish to remove this “bloom” it can be wiped away with a cloth or diffused with the gentle heat of a blow drier.It takes over 2,500 bees, consuming about ten pounds of honey, to produce a one pound block of beeswax.This soot can coat the walls of your home, and your lungs.Beeswax has been used since ancient times and is indispensable for making the finest candles in the world.

Thousands of years ago, Egyptians kept bees and traded the wax and honey along the coast of Eastern Africa.

Historical and literary references to wax dating before 1800 are most likely to be referring to beeswax.

Beeswax was not often used for candles however, being rather costly and somewhat rare.

Beeswax is nearly indestructible and can be stored just as it is for many years.

Animals and insects are generally not attracted to beeswax.

Kept in a cool, dust free place, it will remain usable for decades.