Are chris brown n rihanna dating

17-Nov-2015 06:01

Then again all you hear is ''chris should not have did this.Chris should not have did that.'' What about what rihanna should/should not have done?

Perhaps Chris Brown heard her loud and clear because he is rumored to be dating Wild-N’-Out model and aspiring R&B singer Candice Brook.Brook was recently linked to Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels.She has been spotted at several of Chris Brown’s Between The Sheets tour stops.Neither Chris Brown or Candice Brooke have confirmed a relationship.But she does fit a certain type since everything thinks she look like Rihanna.Entertainment What does everyone feel about the whole chris brown and rihanna thing ?

People are sayn that hes finished nal and oda people are sayn shes a bi**h and e shud of hit her harder ? I feel like everbody should wait until the truth comes to the light.. I'm NOT sayn she deserved it but I'm sayn she sparked the fire...

Chris doesnt have a pass of hitin/beatn any woman that I know of.. Chris aint gone just hit her 4 no apparent reason everybody is against chris because rihanna seems innocent in this situation... Yes chris could have handled the situation better...

Chris Brown could be trying to move on from Karrueche Tran which would be a smart move since she is clearly done with their relationship.

Sources told Urban Islandz that Karrueche Tran is 100% over with their relationship because she has had enough.

SEE ALSO: Karrueche Tran Single And Ready To Mingle, Chris Brown Begs For Forgiveness “One person can take so much and no more hurt and Chris has been hurting Karrueche for years now and she always forgive him and always has his back,” our source said.

“She is definitely moving on and has already removed all his stuff from her house.