Apps iphone waiting not updating

19-Nov-2015 17:50

I have seen many people jailbreaking there i OS devices because they have to pay for there favorite apps and games.

You are deleting i OS which is made by Apple and installing another operating system which is based on i OS.Do you know that you can download every paid app available in App Store for free without jailbreak. Finally there is a way by which you can download paid apps on non-jailbreak devices totally free.It doesn’t matter whether you are using i Phone, i Pod or i Pad this trick will work for all i OS devices.The main reason for writing this article is to stop i OS users spending money on buying apps and to stop people who are jailbreaking there i Phone only for downloading paid apps free.I have explained in simple steps on how you can get paid apps for free without jailbreak on i Phone.The only motto of mine behind explaining this was to stop people jailbreaking there device as they can get paid apps for free without jailbreak on i Phone.

Coming back to our topic, I am going to explain you step by step on how you can download free all paid apps on i Phone.

I will be using i Phone to explain you but you can use any i OS device.

As we all know Apple is known for its best data security, So when you jailbreak your i Phone your new jailbreaked i OS do not have that much effective firewall and you have threat of malwares.

Another thing which you should know is after jailbreaking you can download apps from any sites.

So you don’t know that downloaded files are virus free or not.

Downloading such type of files can slow down your i Phone , can crash apps or permanently brick your device.