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In the past, you were able to re-skin one app ten times, and get 10x the traffic - this will no longer be possible.

Overall, it will mean the App Store itself will become more competitive, making screenshots even more critical to downloads.Each customer will evaluate these questions differently, but one thing is clear, customers examine app screenshots before they look at a lot of other elements of the app listing.This is because they are confident (rightly or wrongly) that if they ‍As Steve ‍Young explains, you should really be thinking of app screenshots as "advertising banners", using them to create a story about your app. does a specific task in just 1 step, instead of 3 (which makes it unique).Simply showing snap-shots of features is not enough to entice a user to instead of just moving on to the next app. The App Store is full of apps that are essentially the same (primarily thanks to reskinners), so be sure to go out of your way to emphasise why your app is different from the others out there, even if you have to change the app itself.The challenge is to make sure this Localized screenshots have slowly become a non-negotiable and are now essential to the global success of an app.App screenshots have become a vital tool in the developer’s fight for downloads.

Both Apple and Google have restuctured their app stores to favor good looking screenshots, and punish poor ones.

If you are one of those developers who throws together screenshots right before submitting an app, here are some points to consider…Apple has started making changes to the way apps are listed in the app store (editorially curated lists are now used instead).

This is intended to sift the wheat from the chaff, making it more difficult for mass-produced, cookie-cutter re-skins to flood the well-regulated Apple App Store. This is only bad news to those who heavily relied on the "New Apps" category as their main source of getting downloads.

There are many examples of how much better apps do when they are in local languages, but when your screenshots are also localized, your app connects far better and faster with a visitor to the App Store.

This case study showed how a developer increased his downloads by 767% through localizing his app.

Being able to read and understand how an app functions in your own language removes barriers for users to make app purchases.