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Andrew Sims (born in New Jersey) was a member of staff at Muggle Net but left in August 2011.

Andrew left Muggle Net to work full-time on his new website, Hypable.She then contacted Queen's College, a public school in Taunton where Lyndsay had said his daughter had been a pupil until her death – and discovered the child was alive and had only left the school due to unpaid fees.Miss Fletcher, who is now writing a book about her experience, said: 'I was manipulated and exploited and made to feel I was going mad and I've always thought I was strong and in control...I feel most sorry for my daughter – who had to leave Millfield and was then bullied at her next school – and his daughter.Miss Fletcher, 42, joined Tinder after separating from her husband.Lyndsay soon approached her and they formed a relationship.

In return for 'borrowing' £5,930 he offered to pay the following year's school fees for her daughter to continue at the elite Millfield public school in Somerset.

Kris Lyndsay (pictured right with his new partner) has now been sentenced to four years in prison for the lonely hearts con, which a judge at Taunton Crown Court called 'callous, manipulative and pre-meditated' lies When he failed to repay her, she discovered the house was still on the market.

Hypable covers a variety of fandoms, one of which is Harry Potter.

Andrew went to college in New Jersey before relocating to southern California.

Annemarie Fletcher, from Glastonbury, parted with a Cartier watch and diamond ring worth £40,000 when Kris Lyndsay claimed he was having cash flow issues at work.

He later pawned the jewellery for a tenth of its value Soon after, he persuaded mother-of-two Annemarie Fletcher, from Glastonbury, to part with a Cartier watch and diamond ring worth £40,000 by claiming he was having cash flow issues at work, pawning the jewellery for a tenth of its value.