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The Seafood Bar is a modern concept that stands for casual dining in a relaxing atmosphere. They can enjoy our excellent seafood dishes and a delicious glass of wine.

By combining his love for fish, the Burgundian lifestyle and a great glass of wine with today's society, he created a casual atmosphere characterized by craftsmanship and authenticity.Most visitors to Amsterdam arrive at the Schiphol airport that also serves duty as a train station and major shopping center too.Travelers can stay near the airport, or choose to stay at a hotel in the center of the city.There are a number of inexpensive hotels near the airport with inexpensive shuttles from Schiphol to the heart of the downtown area.​For American travelers headed to Europe, Amsterdam has always been an attractive destination.Amsterdam is a compact little city, hosting dozens of world-class museums, miles of beautiful canals, well-maintained parks, narrow cobblestone streets with lots of Old World charm, and hundreds of hotels, outdoor cafes and friendly bars.

However, perhaps the most welcoming thing about Amsterdam is the fact that English is the second language and nearly everyone in the tiny lowland nation of the Netherlands speaks it fluently.

Amsterdam has long been considered one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

It is a beautiful, laid back town with lots to do, lots to see, great food from all over the world and friendly people everywhere you go.

A visit to downtown Amsterdam is like taking a walk back in time, as the center of the city is filled with historic architecture dating back to the 17th century.

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