Age law dating under 18

31-Oct-2015 07:16

After a year-long break from executions – which government ministers attributed to the weak economy – prison authorities have been ordered to prepare for a fresh round on Nusakambangan, known as Indonesia's Alcatraz.The timing of the executions and the names and nationalities of those who will face the firing squad have not yet been disclosed.

We live in the state of Illinois,and at the age of seventeen, my son began dating a young lady who was fifteen.Now, my son just turned eighteen and the young lady is sixteen.Her parents have welcomed my son into their home and he has a good relationship with them.My question is, can he continue to date her without the threat of being a "sexual predator," should her parents become unhappy with him.This could save the lives of people sentenced to death in Indonesia – if they could demonstrate they had reformed after 10 years behind bars."Under the revision of the penal code we are doing now, we want the death penalty to still be there, but it can be changed, commuted," Mr Yasonna said."If possible we would like to finish it up next year.

The progress looks good." Mr Yasonna's comments come on the eve of the first anniversary of the execution of eight drug offenders, including Bali Nine co-ordinators Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan.

President Joko Widodo refused to grant the Australians clemency, despite their well-documented reform and rehabilitation, including Chan becoming a pastor and Sukumaran establishing art and computer classes for inmates at Bali's Kerobokan jail.

Can her parents, as well as we, his parents, sign some sort of agreement and have it noterized to protect him and allow them to date without any problems?

His Crusader, `duallydad` Some "little old church lady" or a school teacher doing "good" or someone with malicious intent (ex girlfriend, enemy, etc) can push the DA to press charges.

..remember that even if the parents refuse to press charges the DA can go against their wishes because, in IL, it is statutory rape for the next year or two.

A groundbreaking new penal code that would allow for prisoners on death row in Indonesia to have their sentences commuted to a jail term could be passed as early as next year, according to the country's justice minister.