2 list the configuration options available for updating the os

09-Nov-2015 03:13

OS/2 Warp has a safe kernel using three of four protection levels of your intel CPU instead of using only two hardware protection levels like Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Free BSD.

Although there may be no actual reason to renounce from the purchase of an e Comstation, I will show you here how to get out the most of an new or existing OS/2 Warp 4 installation.Certain things like support for USB sticks or a fine grained support of the mouse wheel (not issueing Pg Up/Down instead of scrolling) may however not work without components from the 'convenience pack' which is in turn only available to e Comstation licensees.Note that you would need a PS/2 mouse for installation although USB support can be installed later on.However if you just wanna have a little adventure in experimenting and setting up your own Warp based e Comstation operating environment you may be on the right place here.It is the ideal replenishment for your Lenovo Thinkpad.You can install it in addition to Windows or any other operating system.

OS/2 Warp may be the safest operating system ever available.

There are no rootkits and spyware for OS/2 Warp - and there will never be (while there are already many root kits put around for Linux and Free BSD).

Given the right upgrades and updates you will not even miss a windows style task bar for OS/2 Warp.

This page does also show you how to install standard software on OS/2 Warp besides showing you how to do a new installation of OS/2 Warp from scratch.

OS/2 Warp is known to work on a variety of elder 32bit and also newer hardware.

OS/2 Warp is worth a special recommentation to Lenovo Thinkpad users.